PLEASE NOTE:  Male Kitten Deposits are FROZEN effective 8/1/2017, Female Kitten deposits are Frozen effective 1-1-18 until further notice. Frozen deposits means there are NO kittens available.
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Your New Kitten

To insure that your kitten transitions easily from the cattery to your home, please take a moment to review the helpful tips and information in this document: Your New Kitten 

Kitten/Cat Purchase Information



Males: Effective 3-1-17
(Deposits Frozen effective 8/1/17)

Large/Show = $1750
Pet = $1250

Females: Effective 8-1-17
(Deposits Frozen effective 1-1-18)

Large/Show = $1500
Pet = $1250

Megacoon - Brown Classic Male - 8 Months Old

Due to the immense popularity of the Maine Coon Breed and Megacoon Cattery, all my kittens are sold before they are born. At present, there is approximately a 10-12 month wait time to get a kitten after placing a deposit. It is really hard to give an exact time frame as there are lots of factors that come into play. (number of litters born, number of kittens born, sex of kittens born, colors of kittens born).
If you are interested in placing a deposit, please Contact Me by e-mail or phone before sending a deposit. Once any and all of your questions are answered, if you desire to place a $100 refundable deposit and complete the contract data, just follow the instructions on the Sales Contract Page.
Megacoon Willow - Brown Classic Torbie White - 6 Months Old
If you plan to declaw your kitten, just keep looking for another breeder, as I will not be selling you one of my kittens. 

All kittens are sold as indoor pets only with a (required) spay/neuter agreement. Kittens are allowed to go to new homes at a minimum of 12 weeks of age and they will have had all required shots except for a rabies shot, plus tested for FELV & FIV. My veterinarian comes out to the cattery and gives all kitten examinations, all shots and all tests.
Kittens are sold with a written 2 year health guarantee. The guarantee covers any birth or genetic defect that would negatively impact the kittens life, if the defect occurs during the first 2 years. If one does occur, you are required to have a veterinarian document that the issue is something that the kitten was born with. Upon receipt of documentation, I will either refund your purchase price or replace the kitten with one of equal quality. And you still keep the original kitten. No one ever has to give up their kitten.
Registration will be completed for each kitten (free of charge) once documentation of the spay/neuter has been received by me from your veterinarian. Females are required to be spayed by 6 months of age and males are required to be neutered between 8-10 months of age. It is possible to neuter this breed TOO EARLY. If you neuter your male MC kitten before age 8 months, you may cause some or all of the following: impact head size, impact boning development, impact hip and knee development, impact overall size of the cat. 
Megacoon Red Silver Classic - Female - 14 Weeks Old
Waiting past this age does not mean the cat will get larger, only more hormonal and risk spraying after 10 months of age. Cats may be repossessed if the spay/neuter contract is not fulfilled. You are signing a legally binding contract when you purchase a Megacoon Cattery kitten.

The buyer gets to name their kitten for registration.
A starter kit is provided with each kitten. Your kitten goes to its new home with sample bags of cat food, litter, nail clippers, cat toy, etc. Everything you need the first week. I feed Life Abundance products. I am a Factory Representative for Life's Abundance and I feel the quality of these products will add years to the life of your kitten. The cat food and/or dog food may be ordered directly from this web site through the various Life's Abundance Cat Food links throughout the site. I appreciate your orders through these links, as I receive credit for the pet food sales. This helps with the surprisingly high food costs at the Megacoon Cattery. My thanks in advance!
Megacoon Black Silver Classic - Male - 10 months old
Boy, do these kittens EAT while growing. 

They will double in size monthly from 1-8 months of age and continue to grow till age 4 years. They do not double in weight each month, but will double in length and height. Males will add approximately 2 pounds each month the first year. Maybe a little less for some males. Females also grow fast, but not as fast as the males. Just give this breed all they will eat the first year. Its like feeding a teenage boy, you cannot over feed them. They are high energy and growing rapidly. Much like a Great Dane puppy! Its almost like pouring food down a small hole in the floor. They eat constantly! I suggest canned and dry food the first year.
Once they are grown, you may drastically cut back on the quantity of food they are allowed to eat or they will get way too fat.
Maine Coon kittens are not born with long fur. They get more fluffy each month, and by 1 year of age they have approximately 1” long fur with a somewhat bushy tail. And they are pretty. But, they are “Drop Dead Gorgeous” at age 2. With a huge ruff around their head and 4” long fur with a huge bushy tail. But, they are still not fully grown! They will continue to grow until age 4. Many people ask for a Maine Coon with long fur. Well, they all will have long fur, they just do not develop the long fur coat till age 2.
This breed is extremely interactive with people, but they do go through a “stand offish” period somewhat like independent teenagers. Usually between 6 months and 1 year. As they mature and calm down, they become much more “lap cats” and the affection level increases. They are extremely busy as young kittens. Extremely busy!! If you have anything of value that’s breakable, I suggest putting it away the first year.
Hopefully the above info will answer some kitten questions for you.
For more detailed info, please download a copy of the kitten info sheet below.
Megacoon Red Classic Male - 4 months old
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