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Internet Giant Cat Photo!
You have found the home of the infamous Internet Giant Cat Photo!

This photo of the young lady (sister-in-law of the owner) horizontally holding the Red Classic with White Male, Maine Coon Cat has been circulating over the internet for years.

Riley, 26 pounds and 3 years old in the photo above, was born and bred right here at Megacoon Cattery. He was sired by RW SGC Megacoon Rocking Cyrus OS (TICA Outstanding Sire). Cyrus carried size in his bloodlines and produced many large, healthy, beautiful kittens.

To be an Outstanding Sire, the stud cat must have a minimum of 10 offspring to become Grand Champion Status. I lost count in the 20’s + figure. Cyrus was pretty much a legend on the East Coast. He shows up in a large number of today’s pedigrees.

Megacoon Hall of Fame - Riley
Megacoon Hall of Fame - Riley
Riley currently resides with his proud owner in Atlanta, Ga. It has been brought to my attention that a number of breeders across the United States are trying to claim the internet photo of Riley as a photo of their breeding.

Photo of Riley (at 2 years of age), and a photo of him being held by the his owner are shown here and in the PHOTO GALLERY Hall of Fame section. The picture of Riley on the sofa is a photo of Riley (at 2 years of age). If you will look closely. The pillows in the 2 year old photo of Riley on the sofa are the same pillows on the sofa in the background of the famous internet photo of Riley at 3 years of age.

A lot of people think the internet photo is a computer enhanced photo because he is such a large cat, but it is an actual photo. I have had this photo e-mailed to me many times asking if it was my breeding. It is not unusual for a grown male 4-5 years old to be 42-48 inches long from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail.

Here at Megacoon Cattery through years of selective breeding we have developed a reputation for producing larger than normal Maine Coon Cats with a very “feral look.” Heavy boned, heavy coat, large mane around neck area as adults, and extremely long lynx points on the tips of their ears. Male Maine Coon Cats are more popular than Female Maine Coon Cats due to their majestic, large size. The males are taller, longer, and much heavier than the females.

This breed carries themselves (walks and moves) much like the larger wild cats do. Size is actually the major difference between the males and females. Both sexes as adults (when spayed/neutered) are natured very similar as far as temperament is concerned. Females may be a little more "busy" than males.


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Maine Coons Are Very Addictive

Males as kittens, do tend to play harder and are much stronger than the females. It is highly recommended not to use your hands as a toy when this breed are kittens. If they become accustomed to your hands as a toy, once they become large, (which only takes a few months) they do not realize how strong they are and they can actually bite through a finger without really trying to hurt you. It is always better to use a cat toy of some type to play with the kitten/cat, rather than using your hands. With all that said, let me stress that the Maine Coon Breed is a very "laid back, non aggressive breed" that blends into the family and is great with children and other pets, especially large dogs.

I think these cats must think they are also dogs and are natured in many ways just like a dog. They are highly intelligent and can be trained to do most any thing a dog can be trained to do. Most of them will fetch naturally without training. Many people teach their cats to walk on a leash, however, I recommend keeping them inside the house with the exception of a screened in porch. Our goal is to produce a Maine Coon Cat, regardless of color, that looks like it just stepped out of the forest. Which is ironic. Despite the wild appearance. This breed is exceptionally friendly and demand attention.

The best way to describe a Maine Coon Cat temperament is that, they are a “golden retriever temperament” wrapped in a cat’s body. This breed is very interactive with other pets and its owners. And they stay very interactive for a large number of years.

They do go through an "independent stage" usually the first year of growth (much like a teenager). They are just too busy to be loving. But, as they mature they calm down. This breed is the closest thing to a companion that you can find in the domestic cat world.

There is very little difference in temperament between males and females. Females when grown may be a bit more "busy" than males and males may be a bit more "laid back" than females when grown. But both are very interactive with people. Each cat has a unique personality and some are more "lap cats" than others, but gender has no bearing on that.

They naturally stay in the same room with you and can sense if you are not feeling well and stay especially close by you during that time. Each cat has it own individual personality and some are more lap cats than others, but all are very interactive with their owners.

Johnnie Hardie and Jimi Hendrix

A Special Experience

I would like to share with you a very rewarding experience I had in April, 2011. 

I was contacted by an elderly couple that had just lost their Maine Coon Cat to old age. They desired another female as close in appearance as possible to the one they had. I usually recommend buyers go with another color when replacing a cat as each one has their own personality and if they are the same color, you almost always compare cats. Of course, the choice is totally up to the buyer. The couple arrived at the cattery and the wife appeared very feeble and walked very slowly and gingerly with a cane from the car to the cattery.
After entering the cattery and having the lady sit down, I placed a 1 year old black silver classic torbie female in her lap. What happened next was unbelievable!  If I had not witnessed it, I would not think it was possible. But it was one of those magical moments that happens very infrequently in life and really makes all the hard work being a breeder worth it! This lady reacted as if you had plugged her into an electrical outlet. You could actually see life and pure joy coming back into her with each passing minute as she interacted with the young female cat. The husband said this young cat was almost identical in appearance to the one they had just lost. As I carried the cat to the car for them. The wife, who could barely get out of the car and make it into the cattery, walked unassisted back to the car without use of her cane. I do not think I will ever see a smile to match hers. She was so excited and extemely happy with her new found companion!

The husband called a couple weeks later to say how thrilled they both were with the cat. He was a little surprised as he was not a cat person, but had become quite attached to the cat. And he assured me that buying this cat probably added years onto his wife's life as she was not even the same person. She had almost grieved herself to death over the loss of the original cat and now had a renewed interest in living and was receiving much joy and comfort from their new companion.

You just do not make this stuff up! This was a truly special event and I am so pleased to have had the pleasure of being part of that special moment in time. It seems that these cats own you, more than you are owning them.

I must warn you as a potential kitten purchaser: Maine Coon Cats are very addictive!

It is really hard to own just one! I would estimate that 90% of the people that buy a Maine Coon Kitten will come back and buy a second one within a year of the date of the first kitten purchase.

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